Welcome to Benny's World

Within this website you can what I think are some interesting things about me.


I've been programming since I was in 10th grade on a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I. Since then I've done programming in many different languages and it was only natural that I begin playing around with web site development. What you see is my latest experiment. As time goes and I get more ideas I'll update things. But in general the pictures section should be the most up to date.

The Pictures

In October of 2001 I purchased a Canon S110 digital Elph camera. That little camera has enabled me to take literally thousands of pictures as a fraction of the cost a regular film camera. Additionally with the use of Apple's iPhoto I can easily make a web page and post them here for all to see. My S110 has withstood a lot of punishment but it keeps on taking photos. I figure it's on it's last leg, but when it does I'll be purchasing a new Canon Elph soon afterward. I highly recommend those cameras.

Apple Macintosh

Speaking of Apple, I am an avid Apple and Macintosh fan. All my computers at home are Macs.